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Friday, September 30, 2005

[[new blog skin]]

ok so i'm gonna look around for another format for my blog. it is a little crowded looking, but i really like the cat... of course i love my "Puddy tuddums" (yes thats what we call cats in "my" world.
i dreamed about my exhusband last night, we talked on the computer for a while last night, he is such an interesting person. we always loved the same kind of music, and hes a very open minded person. hes remarried in happy relationship and i'm glad for him, he deserves happiness, he's a good guy.
the dream was just us sitting and talking about all the old stuff we used to talk about, then i woke up with "stevie ray" playing on the radio..."Pride and Joy", was odd, always thought of that as "our" song. made me smile.
would love to see him sometime, he says hes gained weight, but i can't believe it. he was very slim when i knew him. it wouldn't have hurt him to gain weight.
i hope he doesn't get mad at me for reminising about him.

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[[what the moon looked like the day you were born....]]

i thought this was really kinda neat, a friend sent this to me.....
so everyone try this out :) click on the moon....

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

[[my new template :)]]

been playing around with new stuff, just wanted to play with this for awhile, thought it was sorta cute:) i like cute:)
tell me what cha think????
(don't hold back, jenn... hehehe)

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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Die Lorelei

Heinrich Heine

Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
Daß ich so traurig bin;
Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten,
Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

Die Luft ist kühl, und es dunkelt,
Un ruhig fließt der Rhein;
Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt
In Abendsonnenschein.

Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet
Dort oben wunderbar,
Ihr goldenes Geschmeide blitzet,
Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar.

Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme
Und singt ein Leid dabei;
Das hat eine wundersame, Gewaltige Melodei.
Den Schiffer im kleinen

Schiffe Ergreift es mit wildem
Weh; Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh'.
Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen

Am Ende Schiffer uns Kahn;
Und das hat mit ihrem
Singen Die Lorelei getan.

The Lorelei


I don't know what it may signify
That I am so sad;
There's a tale from ancient times
That I can't get out of my mind.

The air is cool and the twilight is falling
and the Rhine is flowing quietly by;
the top of the mountain is glittering
in the evening sun.

The loveliest maiden is sitting
Up there, wondrous to tell.
Her golden jewelry sparkles
as she combs her golden hair

She combs it with a golden comb
and sings a song as she does,
A song with a peculiar,
powerful melody.

It seizes upon the boatman
in his small boat
With unrestrained woe;
He does not look below to the rocky shoals,
He only looks up at the heights.

If I'm not mistaken,
the waters Finally
swallowed up fisher and boat;
And with her singing
The Lorelei did this.

this is where "she" came from.....

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Thursday, September 22, 2005



insomnia sucks!!!! been sick for days and now i can't sleep, just push me on over the edge. or point me in that direction. think i will jump...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[[i am sick]]

well my son's got strep and has brought it home to amber and myself.. i feel like total POO-POO!!!! i have moments when i don't feel so bad, and then it hits me like a ton of lead and if i don't go lay down in my bed, i WILL be laying down in the floor, even against my own will :) we are a motley crew here at this house right now.
GOD I LOVE COKE!!!! (the drink that is)

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[[what kind of candy? from ames...]]


You're Skittles!!! You have a very interesting
personality, you're so unique. You're the kind
of person who always thinks outside of the box.
You're also a very accepting individual, and
believe in inner beauty.

Which kind of candy are you?
brought to you by href="">Quizilla

ok check out "quincy's" new site :) Quincy

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Monday, September 19, 2005


This is a test post from

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

[[the truth be known]]

the truth be known....

so the truth be known? i hate myself, i know not a big surprise to some that know me. i try very hard not to think about it, i push it to the back and hope that maybe, someday, it will go away. but then when i least expect it, its back, the feeling of being unworthy of anyones affections, or anyones love, and the yearning to leave this world. to know that one day i will end up "the old cat women" at the end of the street. alone.
when i feel like this, all i want to do is crawl into the bed and cry.
there were times before, my kids were born, i would lock myself in my bedroom for days on end, and just hide from the world. when i was in college, i wouldn't answer the door. i remember once a friend got the R.A. to open my room to see if i was there, and i was, in the dark, with a coke, (coka-cola, that is) listening to "pink floyd". i knew they had been trying to get in, but i just wouldn't come to the door. i actually lost my first job, because i went thru "the phase" and couldn't make myself get up and go to work. i can't do that now, i have ry and amber to take care of, so i wonder subconsciously, if thats what my miagraines are about? do i have them as an excuse to run away from reality? is that why they manifest themselfs when i am so terribly depressed and i remember how much i hate myself?
i know some of this is brought on by foolishness, i shouldn't listen to what others say, people can be so cruel, being a "fat" person in todays sociatiy is not easy. and yes i know i'm fat, i can look in the mirror, i have the misfortune of doing it everyday. some believe that prejudist exist, only in certain forms, like being prejudist against someones race, or someones sexuality, but trust me when i say, prejudist exists for fat, ugly, (some believe its the same thing) nonperfect people.
i wish i was a stronger person, i wish i could just dismiss all the ugly in the world. make it all go away.
and the rambling continues..............

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[[a trip to my moms....]]

a trip to my moms....

well, i spent the day with my mother. i love my mother, she is a kind and gentle person. shes always been very loving and caring, i couldn't have asked for a better mom.
we had a really hard time as a child. my father was an alcholic. he made life unbearable at times, no not just at times, almost all the time. my mom did all she could to protect my brother and me.
finally, my dad became so unbearable, he left. (thats another story)
but when he left my mother, we had nothing, so she did the best she could. we had a roof over our heads and food to eat. and as i said before she loved us.
now she has Alzheimer's, she has good days, but then she has days she doesn't remember much. today was an odd day, she started out ok, but as the day went on, it got sorta bad. she told me my dad died , my father passed away over a year ago, she asked where her brother was, he passed away last year too, she also told me about that my grandmother died, that was in july, she told me these things about 10 times, at least.... its so hard, i have to hold my breath to keep from crying, watching her fade away from me, its one of the hardest things i've ever done.
i sometimes don't know what i'm gonna do. i feel like a lost little girl. i feel so alone. what do you do when your watching every thing fall apart?

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

[[posting and wanting]]

posting and wanting....

i have had a really hard time with everything that has been happening south of us, with hurricane katrina. at a time when we as a nation should pull together and help one another,but instead, we divide ourself with stupidity and racism.
no one can help who or what they were born, we all have out faults. god i wish we didn't, but we do, no one is truly happy with themselfs, we all hide things in the dark and in the back of the "closets" we don't want others to know, some are embarrissing, some are hurtful and we don't know how to put them into words. but we are all bleeding inside aren't we?
so why when we have a tragedy of this magnitude do we take it out on each other and call each other names??
we should draw together and show the fact that we are caring, loving people. not just mere animals.

i want to save the world,
peace and harmony
in my life time
in my, childrens life time
love without jealousy
be the best friend
listen to those around me
kind and gentlely

yes i am a hippy at heart... i want to run thru a field of flowers, barefoot.
yes i know i'm very silly..........
(P.S. i decided to use the other blog darkwillowsong to write some of my depressing dark poetry, if you want to check it out... but NO laughing!!!!)

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