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Sunday, August 07, 2005



well another birthday has almost come and gone (just a few more minutes).... i guess i should be happy to be around for one more year :) we had thunderstorms and the lights when out about 2pm and didn't come back on until about 11:30pm, so we had a party by candles, which was sorta neet. got a little warm in the house but other than that wasn't to bad. a few people didn't show up that i would have liked to but i guess something came up. i know sometimes plans get changed. got a couple of really cool things, THANKS to ALL!!!! i don't ever have a party to get presents, but i do love them, don't we all? i even got 2 books in the mail from my ex which i really think i'm gonna like, ones on buddist meditation, just learning how to i guess, i need to do something before my head explodes :)

but i have my typical disappointsments, my mom and my brother NEVER remember my birthday anymore, my mom has alzthimers, i know its not her fault but it still makes me sad. i keep thinking that one year my brother will have the sense of mind to remind her and they'll both call... one can dream........

and speaking of disappointments............... i could write a book, but i guess thats another post i'll save for a little later.......
ttfn :)

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