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Monday, October 03, 2005

[[3 things]]

ok guys this is how this goes!!! everyone has to copy and paste this on there blog and answer the questions for yourself!!!
(i will Hound you if you don't!!! hehe)
and don't forget to check out the "Moon" post!!!

3 names I go by: Mom, Donna, Lorrellie,
3 Physical Things I like about myself: Eyes, Smile, Nipples (new jewelery)
3 Parts of my heritage: Irish, Scottish, and English
3 Things I'm wearing right now: "bad kitty" t-shirt, cut-offs, and flipflops
3 favorite bands: kansas, journey, styx, in high school. black crows, fuel, incubus, puddle of mudd, nickleback, and greenday now, who knows could go on and on....(oh wait you said three)
3 favorite songs: OMG anything alternative rock. (and anything by the groups listed above!!)
3 things i want in a relationship: Kindness, Laughter, Love
3 Physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me: Smile, Eyes,and Shoulders
3 Favorite Hobbies: sca, music, and eq2
3 Things I want to do badly right now: run far, far away, make all the hurt leave, and make my kids happy.... eat
3 Things that scare me: Never letting down the wall, Failure and everyone knowing.... being alone
3 of my everyday essentials: Music, My kids, Laughter
3 careers you have considered: Professional singer, Teacher, Doctor
3 Places you want to go on vacation: Australia, Tuscany, Scottland
3 Kids names you like: Ry, Shane, Jennifer
3 Things you want to do before you die: Kiss a dolphin, Travel over seas, Sing in front of a really big audiance
3 Ways I'm stereotypically a girl: Pedicures/Manicures, Romance, flowers!
3 Ways I'm stereotypically a boy: Mostly don't care about hair/make-up, love boy clothes, listen to Hard Rock
3 Celebrity Crushes: Joseph Phines, Brandon Boyd, Brandon Lee

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My name is Lorrellie.
No one really knows me.
Hell, I don't even know myself.
I wish I did...
I'm quite lost.

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"Lots of people talk to animals," said Pooh. "Not that many listen though." "That's the problem."

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People:Mean,Ugly (for no reason)
Food:Tomatos.. YUK

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