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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

[[a typical day???]]

ok, so today's starts out a typical day, get up shower, go to work, and to my surprise there are 3(three), yes i said 3 extra floor people, so j~* and i get on the e.o. list. (for the very few not in the casino business that means you get an early out, and can go home). YIPPIE!!! beautiful day, suns shining, talking about going fishing, and then we arrive home. hmmmm.... some strange car is in the drive way, well when we get all the way up to the house we see that its a friend of "the baby gurl's" big sister's car, and a little chevy truck was parked on the road.
ok thats odd, its 1p.m. and they are SUPPOSE to be at school. i immediately get a really bad feeling, almost sick to my stomach. i tell j~* "you go in first, i can't". so he does. i wait a second..............
then i take a deep breath and go in behind him. at this time i hear "you had better get out of my house before i kill you" and a very, very scared boy (as well he should have been) comes running out of my daughters bedroom, carrying his shoes and holding his pants up.
my heart drops, i think i'm going to be sick, when i turn the corner and see that, its the friend, not "the baby". ok i'm still upset, who do they think they are? so, the "other girls" sister is asleep in my son's room (who IS at school) and "the baby" is asleep.
once j~* reads them the riot act, he tells the "older sister and the X friend" to leave and do not ever come back!!! i agree whole heartedly. i have thought she was trouble from day one, but you know teenagers have to learn there own lessons.
my daughter is beside herself, she is terribly disappointed in herself. i told her that, that was a lesson too. she had taken my trust away, and until further notice she was grounded. no friends, no phone, no nothing.
what kills me about the skipping school is i've never been a hard ass. when she doesn't feel good, or just under the weather, i'm not a slave driver we always weight the pros and cons, and if she can afford to miss a day its ok.
we've had the "sex" talk. i guess maybe i'm nieve but i believe her when she says she hasn't done anything. she couldn't believe that her friend was doing anything in her bed. (and the bed clothes are in the dryer as we speak) i love her so much, i know shes got a million things to go thru being a teenager. i just want her to be able to talk to me. its like i told her its not about just getting pregnant anymore. you can DIE from it.....
i feel sorry for the other girls mother, we did the parent thing and went and told her what her daughter had done, she couldn't believe it. she got on the phone and told them to come home. when they did, all they did was cop an attitude with her, told her that nothing happened. j~* stood dumbfounded. he said " i saw what happened" and she just shrugged him off, as if he wasn't there. i couldn't believe how rude they were. her mother was beside herself. and they didn't care. they really didn't care.
i thank goodness, at least my kids don't treat me that way.
but don't get me wrong... shes still in a BUTTLOAD of trouble.....

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